Liz works in Minnesota’s State Department of Education, protecting the rights of children with disabilities. When Liz became pregnant with her first child, Hugo, she was relieved that her union had already secured paid parental leave so she could spend time with her husband and new baby.

“Then during my pregnancy, things changed. The election happened. I definitely thought all hope was lost.”

While Liz was pregnant, the state legislature tried to get rid of paid parental leave for state employees. Overnight, a benefit she had been counting on was snatched from her reach.

Pregnancy made it difficult for her to get involved in the union’s response, but her fellow union members stood up for her in her absence. They went to the rallies and talked to members of the legislature about the importance of paid parental leave.

“Every family needs time with their new baby. My union makes that possible.”

Liz found out just a few days before her due date that her paid parental leave was secure. It was an incredible relief knowing she had that support as Hugo came into the world.