Kellie has worked as a nurse for four and a half years. She’s also studying to get her masters degree in nursing education at Bethel University, thanks to a scholarship she received through her union.

In Kellie’s view, the primary goal of all nurses is to protect their patients from harm. When she works at the hospital, Kellie focuses on helping patients back to health so they can return to their families and careers.

As a union member, Kellie has the stability she needs to give support to her patients. Kellie’s hospital has hundreds of nurses–joined together, they have a strong voice in the hospital. That means she feels safe bringing up concerns about patient care to her manager without fear of repercussions or backlash. Because of her union, Kellie can keep her focus where it belongs: caring for her patients.


Maureen is a 911 dispatch supervisor for the city of Minneapolis. Every day, she assists Minnesotans in crisis over the phone. What keeps her coming back to her job is the chance to help people.

“Being a member of my union means that I have the support that I need to make my job work for me and my family.”

As a union member, she feels a sense of solidarity with other medical workers that she never felt in prior jobs. Most importantly, Maureen is secure knowing that her sons, 14-year-old Damien and 3-year-old Miles, are taken care of thanks to her union benefits. At work, Maureen feels able to focus on the people in crisis on the other end of the line. Being part of a union gives her the support she needs to deal with life’s unexpected challenges–on the job and off.