Since 1985, Dennis has worked as a social worker in St. Louis County on the Iron Range, mostly in child protection. Now that he’s over 60, Dennis and his wife Debbie are looking forward to the joys of retirement: walking the dogs, volunteering at the nursing home, and spending time with their friends and family.

“That’s what a union is about. Working together for the common good so we can have the things in life that matter.”

When Dennis thinks about retirement, he wants the same things everyone wants: Safety. Security. Happiness. Knowing you can rely on the money you have and it won’t run out. Because of his union, Dennis gets a defined retirement benefit. His pension is what allows him to make plans with Debbie, and know that Debbie will be taken care of no matter what.

“Anything that’s made our life in this country more humane for working people, has come about because of the labor movement.”

The history of unions is one of people striving together to establish the benefits we have today: pensions, eight-hour work days, sick leave, and more. In turn, when new workers join unions and contribute their voices, they bring bigger, better possibilities for future generations.