Amazing things happen when working people join together in strong unions. We gain a collective voice to earn a good living and live a good life.  We’re standing up for the pay, benefits and respect we deserve.  We’re fighting for student debt relief so young workers can get ahead.  We’re winning paid parental leave so parents can bond with their newborns,  We’re coming together to win affordable health care and a secure retirement.

The real stories of unions are stories of connection. Of members treating each other like a family where no person’s struggle is overlooked. Of members reaching out to their larger communities: calling, rallying, and knocking on doors to make sure Minnesota workers always have a fair say in how they’re valued by their employers and by the state.

Union members in Minnesota of every generation and background are coming forward to share what these connections really look like. From pregnancies to retirements, hospital wings to classrooms, workers have experienced the deep support that comes from actively participating in their unions. In turn, they’ve all found ways to lift up their fellow workers and neighbors.

Unions are how we build better lives together.